WHERE Calgary
WHERE Calgary is a must-have resource for travellers and locals alike. The magazine has in-depth coverage of activities, attractions, dining, shopping, and so much more. Sections cover where to eat, where to go, where to shop, and highlight everything you’ll want to see and do in the city.
For the advertiser, WHERE Calgary maintains a high standard of writing, is printed in full colour, and is saddle stitched. Yet, it has advertisement rates that are among the lowest of all Canadian consumer magazines on a cost per thousand basis.

WHERE Calgary is a Euro-digest size magazine (7″ x 10″) with a circulation of 60,000 per issue through more than 250 distribution outlets.
Magazines with substantial circulation offer advertisers great impact. WHERE Calgary is available to virtually every person within city of Calgary.
WHERE Calgary is distributed by IMPACT! Brochure Systems to over 250 locations, most serviced weekly. Inventory is closely monitored to ensure practically every magazine ends up in the hands of your customers.
Advertising is most effective in magazines distributed specifically to advertisers’ prospective customers. Serving over 100 advertisers and 1.2 million readers annually, WHERE Calgary is recognized as a highly effective and cost-efficient way of reaching the lucrative visitor mar
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