Kyle Kerpan
Kyle is the Publisher at RMV Publications and he leads sales, digital media, project management, and technology consulting. He strives to apply innovation in ways that that truly benefit customers. Kyle is an RMV Publications Ltd. shareholder.
Warren Mackie
Warren is the General Manager at RMV Publications & IMPACT! Brochure Systems. He oversees the daily operations, buildings, vehicles, and other assets. He participates in ad sales and manages many RMV Creative projects.
Warren is an RMV Publications Ltd. shareholder.
Kate Barker
Kate is the Managing Editor at RMV Publications. She writes for all print and digital products, ensuring content is suited to each market. Kate also manages social media and websites, and she writes copy for many RMV Creative projects.
Damian Lamartine
Damian is the Art Director for RMV Publications and RMV Creative. His passion for creativity is fuelled by his diverse interests in photography, illustration, and typography. He conceptualizes, creates, and produces RMV's creative projects.  
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